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to create a Culture of Peace and Non Violence

We holld Community Peace Luncheons

All over the city, thousands of groups and individuals from every country, every background, and every religion, are busy making Hamilton a better place.

Folk from every origin give their time and money to support causes they believe in, whether it is to help the poor and elderly, or to nurture green space and the environment.
Though the word ‘peace’ may not be the way most people think about these tasks, it is their common efforts that show us what a culture of peace really is. Become a member of one of the groups and individuals who are contributing to a culture of peace, non-violence and social justice.  (See Membership)

Participate in our meetings. Support local events such as the Gandhi Festival, Earth Day, UN International Day of Peace and Martin Luther King Day.

Planning meetings are held once a month.  (See Contact Us)

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