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Social Geography

Donations for peace are always welcome.  Culture of Peace Hamilton has continued to rely on donations for its activities. Although largely independent, it is a working group of the United Nations Association in Canada (Hamilton Branch).
When Hamilton was hit by a wave of vandalism following the 9/11 attack on New York, the United Nations and Culture of Peace members received a grant of $120,000 from the National Crime Prevention centre, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada. (See History).

In recent years a novel way for ‘waging peace’ has been with Peace Dollars. Created locally, each Peace Dollar is printed with the Six Principles of Peace as published by the United Nations in Manifesto 2000.
The sale of T-shirts and white narcissi bulbs are other attractive items.

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A new fund has been established at the Hamilton Community Foundation that will ensure greater permanence for Culture of Peace Hamilton.  See United Nations Culture of Peace Hamilton Fund – Click on Logo below.


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