Membership in Culture of Peace Hamilton is open to anyone interested in violence-reduction and peace-building in the city of Hamilton or region. Participation depends upon the newcomer’s time and interest. As an active member there are opportunities to help plan the group’s future, take part in public events, and help raise awareness wherever you live. Sustaining memberships are also available.


Culture of Peace Hamilton is part of a cluster of local groups and individuals who are actively working to enhance the city’s ambitions as a city of peace by addressing social problems locally, through education, inclusion, conflict transformation and innovative local government.

Culture of Peace Hamilton is a working group of the United Nations Association in Canada (Hamilton Branch); it follows the six paths of action for peace proclaimed by the United Nations in Manifesto 2000. By addressing conflict with the peacemaker’s tools, anti-social actions can often be transformed. Peace at the local level fosters cooperation, reduces social friction and smoothes inter-personal conflicts.

Taking part in the Gandhi Peace Festival

Activities of Culture of Peace Hamilton:

  • Holds regular monthly meetings.
  • Works in collaboration with the City of Hamilton, the Police Service, the Gandhi Festival, McMaster Centre for Peace Studies, the Canadian Peace Initiative and many faith and social justice groups in the Hamilton region.
  • Celebrates the United Nations International Day of Peace, (September 21st annually.)
  • Sponsors a peace lunch twice a year.
  • Plants Peace Poles and white narcissi bulbs to create fields of peace and remembrance.

Major Accomplishments Since April 2000

  • After 9/11, received federal funds to create the Citizen Protection Project and develop Safe Havens. With the help of the city and the police, cross-cultural and diversity training was accelerated for city staff.
  • Through public meetings and other activities functioned as a network that helped to bring together a wide range of cultural, religious and social justice groups in the city, to learn more about each others’ work and build bridges among them.
  • Encouraged Hamilton’s mayors to become Mayors for Peace, and to declare themselves supporters of the United Nations Culture of Peace.
  • With the help of other peace groups lobbied councilors to create a Peace Garden in the grounds of the newly renovated city hall.
  • With support from council members and city staff, installed a peace pole and and planted more than 1000 narcissus bulbs for peace in the Peace Garden.
  • Gained commitment from Hamilton city hall staff to consider labyrinths and peace gardens as part of any future park installation in the city. (Several are in place already, both on public and private lands.)
  • Established the United Nations Culture of Peace Hamilton fund at Hamilton Community Foundation. When fully funded the interest will provide a permanent income for Culture of Peace. Contact: Donors receive tax receipts. Important to specify your gift to Culture of Peace fund. (See Funding Support)

Peace Garden in Bloom

Active membership.
This includes attending monthly meetings and taking an active
part in the growth and running of Culture of Peace Hamilton. Fees: $10 /yr.

Supporting Membership.
Someone with limited time but active interest can help with occasional tasks, generally of short duration. Fees: $5 /yr.

Event membership.
Interested in meeting others at various peace events.
May be asked to assist in some way. Fees: None.

Sustaining membership.
Maintains a general interest, sometimes contributes to Culture of Peace Fund or general operating expenses. Fees: None.

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