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Over a Decade of Cooperation!

Dedication of a Peace Pole in the new Peace Park in the grounds of Hamilton City Hall

Culture of Peace Hamilton has been active in the development of the new Peace Garden at City Hall.  From the beginning it has participated and supported the activities of many other groups. Members hold regular monthly meetings, sponsor a peace lunch twice a year, celebrate the International Day of Peace every September and work in collaboration with the Gandhi Festival, McMaster’s Centre for Peace Studies, the Canadian Peace Initiative, and diverse faith and social justice groups in the Hamilton region.

COPH meeting with Chief De Caire
Culture of Peace Hamilton works with City Council and the Police Department

Support local events such as the Gandhi Festival, Earth Day, UN International Day of Peace and Martin Luther King Day and others.

Planning meetings are held roughly once a month. As times can change, please call ahead:
(905) 628-4976 or (905) 527-0470.

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